Inclusive education now

Through the development of lacking legal documents and media promotion of inclusive education challenges, in three-year partnership with MyRight-Empowers people with disabilities and supported by Light for the World Austria and Austrian Development Cooperation, we aim to improve the capacity of the responsible institutions and organisations of people with disabilities in BiH.


– Around 74,000 children with disabilities live in Bosnia and Herzegovina
– Too many of them are excluded from education, which in turn severely impacts their lives
Children with disabilities need access to education to develop their skills and lead independent lives. This is crucial not only for the wellbeing of individuals, but also for the community.

Inclusive Education Now!
The three-year project implemented by Association „DUGA“ in partnership with MyRight and supported by Light for the World Austria and Austrian Development Cooperation, aims to ensure high-quality inclusive education for all children in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is to be achieved by improving the capacity of government institutions and disability organisations in inclusive education, providing them with effective tools and awareness raising in media and public.
Project activities:
– Inclusive education training module development
– Trainings for relevant institutions and ministries
– Development of guidelines and indicators for civil society organisations and the govern-ment to monitor the state of inclusive education
– Public events to present the established guidelines to all stakeholders
– Information material on inclusive education
– Media campaign to raise awareness on inclusive education