Preschool education for social justice

Regional Program for Local Democracy in the Western Balkans – ReLOaD, funded by the European Union, and carried out by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Association “DUGA” implements the project “Inclusive preschool education for social justice” from 05.09.2018. to 04.05.2019. in municipality Center. 


This project is funded by the European Union.

Only 13.4% of preschool children in BiH have access to preschool education, which is the lowest enrolment rate in Europe. 816 children aged 6 months to school age are attending public preschool institution “Children of Sarajevo” in Municipality Centre. This number amounts to 15.3% of the total number of preschool children enrolled in Canton Sarajevo. From this number, 208 children attend the Compulsory Preschool program. This is the only form of structured preschool education for most children. This is the reason why the Public Institution “Children of Sarajevo” expressed their interest and need to engage in some innovative programs to improve the quality of educational work with all children, as well as additional professional services for children with developmental difficulties which they currently lack in their institution.

Association “DUGA” is to implement the project Inclusive pre-school education for social justice from 05.09.2018. to 04.05.2019. in Municipality Centre. The project is implemented within The Regional Program of Local Democracy in the Western Balkans – ReLOaD. The project is financed by European Union and carried out by UNDP.

This project aims to improve the quality of preparation of children for the transition to the primary school system, thus nurturing the inclusive community whereby every individual develops and acts according to personal abilities, interests and desires. The quality transition for every child is possible if:
– Skills of Public Institution “Children of Sarajevo” educators and parents of pre-school children are developed, and community awareness of the importance of pre-school education for the integral child development is increased.
– Children aged 3 to 6 are included in quality preschool educational programs.

Project activities are to be directed to at least 28 educators from Public Institution “Children of Sarajevo” Municipality Centre, parents of preschool children, at least 233 children (children with developmental difficulties and children at risk attending the Compulsory Preschool program) aged 3 to starting school, and at least 50 local community representatives. Promotional activities will involve citizens of Municipality Centre through informative-educational materials available through the internet and social networks.

Contact person in “DUGA”: Senita Zajko