Inclusive Transition in Education

What is inclusive transition in education?

Transition in education for a student with developmental difficulties means the fulfillment of the right to personalised education, reasonable adjustment, and identification and removal of the barriers to reach individual goals. Involvement of the student, the family, the peers and meaningful adults in the planning process, establish the conditions for person centered planning and approaches which promote the feeling of belonging to a community in which the person learns and lives.

Transition is a coordinated set of activities for a student which is:

  • results oriented
  • focused on academic and functional improvement and accomplishment
  • based on student’s personal needs, strengths, interests and desires
  • inclusive of instructions, support services and experiential community learning

Inclusive transition planning is based on the following principles:

  • every child deserves support during the transition period – when a child has necessary support the transition and adaptation become easy
  • relationships are the key – quality transition is based on mutual trust and respect
  • respect for child’s identity – every child is an individual, and transition plans need to be flexible and needs responsive
  • the importance of team work – transition planning is to include the child, parents/carers, teachers, peers and professionals
  • open communication and environment without barriers
  • effective time management
  • ask children – it is crucial to ask and actively listen to the child

How to ease this transition process to the new level of education?

Is there something that parents, teachers, peers and professionals can do to make the transition successful for a student and a family?
Together with the Ministry of Education of Canton Sarajevo, DUGA developed the set of guidelines and recommendations to make the planning of inclusive transition from primary to middle school. Here is a short intro.
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