July 27, 2021
digital devices operated by a child

Digitalisation and Inclusive Education

"Leaving no one behind in the digital era" is the new 24 month ERASMUS+ project we started implementing on 01.06.2021.
May 25, 2021

Combating Social Exclusion and Enabling Access to Education for Children Vulnerable to Exclusion at Times of COVID-19

The project will increase access and participation of children with disabilities in education, by strengthening educator’s competencies for the socio-emotional development of children with disabilities in inclusive settings.
May 25, 2021

Quality Community-Based Services for Greater Access to Public Education

The 12 month program offers us a chance to create the opportunities for personal and professional development of educators and parents, the resources to improve preschool education of children, and opportunities for skills development of vulnerable children to ease their access to schools.