Combating Social Exclusion and Enabling Access to Education for Children Vulnerable to Exclusion at Times of COVID-19

Inclusion of children with disabilities is achieved when they are socially included in peer groups. Person centered methodologies applied by their educators in inclusive settings will ensure accordance with Article 24. of CRPD, focusing on Participation of children with disabilities in education.



Indicators for Inclusive Education were developed at national level to, among other things, support educational authorities in integrating peer support and transition in education into existing inclusive policies and practices. The gradual adoption of Indicators and parallel incorporation of supporting programs in inclusive settings will insure the quality inclusive principles reflection on the practical level.


As a response to the problem, the project will increase access and participation of children with disabilities in education, by strengthening educator’s competencies for the socio-emotional development of children with disabilities in inclusive settings. Applied methodologies will contribute to child centered working focusing on person centered practice and outcome, putting children in greater control of their care and support.


Empowered educators and educational institutions supportive of Person Centered approaches will safeguard children with disabilities access to education. Thus:

  • 100 children with disabilities included in peer groups, their socio-emotional skills and competencies developed;
  • 200 educators apply social inclusion practices to encourage peer support, transition in education and person centered planning;
  • Participating ministries are supported in implementation of inclusive education policies in accordance with Article 24. of CRPD, focusing on Participation of children with disabilities in education.


To achieve this “DUGA” will:

  • Advocate and raise awareness (publishing educational video, meetings) among ministries of education, schools and educators about Indicators for Inclusive Education and related practices;
  • Develop training materials and social media content related to Access to Education; Facilitate training in Person Centered Approaches for educators (Circle of Friends methodology, Transition in Education);
  • Mentor the trainees in facilitation of activities with children in inclusive settings.